Wheelock’s 7th Ed Latin Answer Keys & Translations

ATTENTION: I received a DMCA (copyright) infringement e-mail from a law group representing the publisher, HarperCollins. As a result, I had to pull everything related to the Wheelock’s text, including Wheelock’s 7th Ed Latin answer keys.

While I can’t make any HarperCollins material available, I am making the translations I wrote while I was in college available. Please contact me via e-mail or using the contact form on the home page if you are interested.

Useful for Latin students in college who use Wheelock’s 7th Ed Latin answer keys.
Once again, I was asked to pull these answer keys; they cannot be found here.

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Set Up An Electric Guitar

Set Up An Electric GuitarA good guitar setup requires attention to all the contact points between the string and guitar, so sharp eyes are important. The steps required to set up an electric guitar are outlined below. These steps are not particularly difficult–if you can identify the parts of a guitar and turn a wrench you can setup your guitar.
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Setting Your Guitar Intonation

Setting Your Guitar IntonationA guitar’s intonation affects how notes above the 12th fret are tuned relative to the notes below the 12th fret. Incorrect intonation causes frets 13 and above to be either sharp or flat, depending on which direction your guitar errs towards. Intonation is fixed by shortening or elongating the string length using the screw on the back of the saddle. Setting the intonation on a Strat tremolo bridge, though tedious, is a simple task. This article explores the process of setting your guitar intonation in just a few, simple steps.
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