+ Studio Recordings

Music is produced on a studio setup that is powered by a Windows 7 PC running the digital-audio-workstation Reaper. Propellerhead’s Reason is used in conjunction with Reaper via ReaWire (here’s a video on how to do that), and is controlled by a midi keyboard. A 10-channel Yamaha mixer and studio monitors are there to facilitate the production process. A more in-depth look at the studio can be found here (shortly).


You can listen to my music above via the Soundcloud app. If you have an account, you can leave comments on the tracks, as well as share or download them. Sharing music through social networking is a great help in getting the word out and spreading the audience.


+ Live Recordings

2010/03/31 – WCCR Radio Spot

Intro (1:37)
Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad (w Joe Brady) (2:31)
Banter #1 (0:52)
Old Brown Shoe (w Joe Brady) (2:01)
Banter #2 (0:50)
Angel (4:49)